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CoinwayPAY is the first app that allows you to receive payments easily and safely.

CoinwayPAY allows your customers to pay directly in cryptocurrencies. Test how easy it will be for you to receive money in the future. Simply start the demo app on the right or click on “Next” on the right.

CoinwayPAY eliminates any exchange risk for you as all payments are converted in real time. It is similar to a payment in foreign currency.

CoinwayPAY also gives other possibilities: you can keep the Bitcoins, XINs … in your digital wallet and make payments in cryptocurrencies in the future.

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For your customers

A new service, more options for your customers.

Let your customers decide how they want to pay in the future.

The procedure of payment.

How do you receive money with CoinwayPAY app?

The process of payment has three simple steps.

Select currency

Your first step is selecting the desired cryptocurrency.

Enter the sum

Then you enter the sum of the payment in euro.

Scan the QR code

Your customer scans the QR code and you immediately get the payment credited.

Keep up with the times ...

Become an innovative first mover

Offer your customers a modern service today

Benefit from real-time conversion of transactions

Note that CoinwayPay meets high safety standards

More service, more customers, more ...

The number of people who use cryptocurrencies is constantly growing. Take advantage of this. Give your customers an opportunity to use this innovative method of payment. CoinwayPay guarantees safety of payment.

Enter the world of cryptocurrencies now and accept the most common cryptocurrencies as easily as ATM cards and credit cards

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